Ass Grinding in Pijamas

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Added: 12/09/2016
13 Min
Ass Fetish, Assjobs


Ass grinding is very popular these days and a lot of guys have this fantasy. Maybe it is the blame of Miley back in the day, or maybe we all should thank her. We should not blame her, actually, it is pretty exciting to be aroused by a girl that way. Usually, the best parts of sex are the ones not explicit, and ass grinding is the proof of that. With a short pajama’s pants on or girl will do those sexy moves to this lucky guy. Her sweet ass is so good and makes the guy’s cock go hard in no time. Who can blame him? Feeling that ass, those buttcheeks going up and down on his hard dick, no one can hold it for much time. Things start to get hotter and hotter and what began like an ass grinding is becoming more like an assjob. The heat is rising and he will not be allowed to put his cock inside that ass, but he seems not be caring about it since this experience is blowing his mind. All the action will end soon when he cums on her buttcheeks. What a nice mess that we got here!


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