Bitch Roommate Humiliation

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Added: 01/31/2015
8 Min
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Kinky Humiliation Fetish Custom Request: “I’d love to see a video where you play my new bratty, selfish, demanding and lazy roommate. You have noticed I can’t say no to you, so now you will take full advantage: I will have to cook, clean, wash for you, pay your part of the rent and all your bills, take a second job to finance your fun. You laugh at me and enjoy always making more work: spit on the floor I have just scrubbed, spread dirty laundry all over the place, throw food around. I can’t clean as fast as you make things dirty. Grinning, you tell me I will never get to rest, hardly sleep, as you want to work me to death for your amusement. Tell me how lucky I am to have you as my roommate and that I should thank you, then burp in my face. “



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