Brat Loves Panties: Satin Obsession

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Added: 09/21/2018
12 Min
Lesbian, Panty Fetish
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Sexy panty fetish casting with the kinky Anastasia Rose. Wearing cute satin panties made Brat aroused and eager to play with them.

Silky panties look sexy as hell, everyone knows that. But did you know just how good they feel? At least for Anastasia Rose, they feel positively orgasmic. Especially when her little friend jumps in, eager to play with the silky smooth material, and Anastasia’s silky smooth shaved pussy.  The feeling of the soft fabric being massaged against her clit by her friend makes her lose her mind. Plenty of close up the action so you can fully enjoy her tight little twat as her bratty friend pushes her to the edge of climax… and over. You’ll practically be able to feel her hot, wet pussy through the screen.

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