Clean my Dirty Holes

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Added: 10/21/2016
11 Min
$ 11.99 USD


Goddess Whitney dirty holes need to be cleaned up. Wiping a dirty ass has a whole complete meaning when we are talking about the pussy and ass cleaning fetish. Femdom Whitney Morgan is the one who is in charge here! Her perfect ass and pussy must be cleaned, leaving no traces of dirt what so ever! Whitney is not your girlfriend, or you wife, she is a real femdom and you must comply, or else she will make happen bad things to you. You will worship her dirty body like you never did to anyone; lick her sweaty and smelly pussy like if you are licking your favorite ice cream, yes just like that. Be ready because the worst is yet to come, her ass needs your attention and things look bad. I bet it is not a problem for you since if you are a true fetish guy then this is all about pleasure and not bad taste in your mouth if you know what I mean! All this action was captured in POV, point of view, your view mate! So you will watch it like if you were actually there, walking on the dude’s own shoes and worshiping Whitney Morgan’s pussy and ass! Looks pretty neat, right?


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