Cruel Tease and Denial

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Added: 01/02/2017
13 Min


Hot Tease and Denial Session This is a Custom Video) “You’re rubbing lotion on your legs, arching them a lot, and arching your feet too. After a few minutes of this, you pour a lot of lotion onto your hands but then accidentally spill it on your chest. You get angry and curse, but then start rubbing the lotion into your chest through your shirt. A few minutes later you see me staring at you and get angry and call me a pervert but then look down and see my erection is so large it’s starting to rip my pants apart. You smile and start squeezing your breasts together, seductively asking me “if this is what I want”. You stand up and start laughing, continuing to ask me if this is what I want while you tear your shirt off. You then tear your shorts off, continuing to ask me if this is what I want (It’s important that your shorts come apart easily, i.e., you shouldn’t have to struggle to rip them. If you need to cut them a little ahead of time to make them easier to rip apart that’s fine.). You then seductively walk toward me, look down at my crotch, and seductively say “I think this is what you want”, and with one hand tear your panties right off (as with the shorts, it’s important the panties come off easily, so if you need to cut them ahead of time to make them easier to rip that’s fine). After you tear your panties off you see that I’m starting to cum in my pants and you say “Ohh nooo baby, not that, try and hold it back! Fight it!” but I uncontrollably cum in my pants and you look at me with contempt and say “I don’t fuck losers! Now get out of here!” and the screen fades out”


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