Eat Cum from my Pantyhose

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Added: 02/22/2016
9 Min
Panty Fetish, Uncategorized
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Kinky Pantyhose Fetish experience. You know how a bad girl should be. A good girl should do it all the way when it comes to sex, and the very bad ones will make you eat your own cum until the last drop. Let’s face it, the CEI fetish, or the Cum Eating Instructions fetish is not for all, but one you are up to it then you are on the right track. A smoking hot girl with big juicy breast, nice long legs and a cock hungry ass is enough for anyone to do whatever instructions that girl demands! The end is always the same and guaranteed, you will eat your own cum. Just follow the instruction while she is swinging around that sinful body, all you think is the word sex! She will be your director by telling you how to masturbate and cum when and how she demands. Get ready to eat your cum!


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