Face-Sitting Punishment POV

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Added: 01/31/2015
8 Min
Ass Fetish, Facesitting


“You catch me staring at your ASS (in a thong) so you push me to the floor, and tape my mouth shut so I can ONLY breathe through my nose. Then you tell me that you’re going to make me suffer by sitting on my face, smothering me, and making me smell your Delicious ASS. You smother me for one minute at a time, coming up only to give me air by smelling your Butt. Before you smother me the last time, you turn around and tell me “This is the end for you. I’m going to smother you with my Big Delicious Butt into you pass out.” Then you proceed to smother me the last time for a little more then one minute while laughing and softly telling me “Good bye Michael”




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