Face Sitting Tease

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Added: 01/01/2016
8 Min
Ass Fetish, Facesitting
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Face sitting can be fun especially when it is done correctly! Femdom face sitting action where some guy can see his handjob ruined is the best. I mean, who is in charge, the dominating girl or the weak dude? A guy who loves to be dominated will surely accept to do face sittings and just lick her filthy pussy whenever she demands for. Be a good slave and you will be rewarded, or not! You never know if that handjob will end well for your side, she might only want to tease you and ruin that sexual experience.
Don’t worry, maybe it is the whole purpose of the action, and the guy just enjoys to be on the edge of ejaculation and to be stopped countless times. He will cum when and only when the girl allows him to, but before it happens he will be humiliated and ashamed with comments about the size of his cock or his sexual performance. Femdom face sitting action is not for the fainted hearted, and when the thing is ruined orgasms, it can be compared to those movie flicks where you never know when a jump scare will happen. You never know when he will cum.


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