Fart Eating Boyfriend

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Added: 09/28/2018
10 Min
Ass Fetish, Farting




After a heavy meal, my boyfriend begs to sniff my stinky farts. My heavy ass gas makes him horny and hungry, he can’t get enough farts eating and licking my nasty asshole.

You can tell just by looking at this brat that she’s a dirty, dirty girl. But you might be surprised just how dirty she really is.  Her boyfriend has a fetish for fart eating and ass eating, and she’s all too eager to fulfill his fantasies. In fact, she loves letting her foul gas loose into his mouth. She loves having him tongue her asshole after a huge fart, too. Admire her ass in her tight pink panties, just don’t be surprised at how gassy this brat can get! She’s every fart lover’s dream come true. Sexy, horny, and full of hot air!

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