Punished by my Feet

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Added: 08/01/2016
11 Min
Foot Fetish

Redheads are known to be the horniest women and that is confirmed even when we are talking about fetishes like foot domination. This is one of those situations that every guy will dream off, some will dream of being a slave girl, others simply dream of watching two lesbians playing slave and femdom. The redhead will impose her superiority and domination while the other will submit by licking her dirty soles, sweaty and smelly feet at all cost. The ultimate objective is to be excited by providing excitement. Only when some specific conditions are achieved, like good behavior or well licked feet, then maybe there is some more pleasure than that. But that is not the main objective; the most important thing is to engage in almost professional commitment of foot domination. And the truth must be said, feet domination, lesbians and redheads are a lot of good things together.


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