Extreme Foot Tease 2

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Added: 06/10/2016
12 Min
$ 9.95 USD

Kinky Foot Fetish session. Teasing a cock can be fun, actually it is extremely fun to watch a male sub while being punished and obeying to his femdom. Doing foot worship is alone a lot of sexy and hot, now imagine doing a footjob with the objective of never ending it properly! That is very arousing and no one can deny that it must be very good. Except for the male sub, who will suffer like a real slave doing whatever his femdom says, without questioning it! EVER! No, I am kidding, the male sub will be very happy to put his cock on his femdom’s feet, because she will handle it accordingly and with no mercy. He should be a good slave, for that he only has to do everything right and not cum, just easy as that! I already mentioned that she will be doing a footjob and sex? I feel sorry for this guy!


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