Foot Sniffers

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Added: 05/02/2016
8 Min
Foot Fetish

If two girls doing naughty things together were not hot enough, two girls doing fetish scenes featuring foot smelling fantasies is certainly something awesome, especially if you are a fan of female feet. Two hot lesbian girls kissing and having all kind of fun, and with an added value, there is nothing better than a nice sweaty and smelly foot to be smelled. It is indeed exciting to feel the sweaty scent of a female foot, all dirty and wet. By the way, what is the best way to clean all that dirty? It is easy to answer this; actually it is very obvious that the only way is to use the tongue to lick all the sweat until the last drop. Definitely nothing beats a smelly foot, and better than a stinky foot is two of them! Wait, lets do the math, I see here four dirty stinking feet. Great!


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