He Loves our Feet

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Added: 08/08/2016
9.99 Min
Femdom, Foot Fetish
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No sub should be allowed to worship any feet if he doesn’t deserve it. More and more people are turning into this interesting fetish, but most are nothing more than amateurs and voyeurs to this exciting fetish. A good sub must deserve hher feet, and if he is lucky and a good boy he will even have the opportunity to be punished and worship the feet of two domes at the same time. Two are more than one, and two have four reasons to be sucked, licked and more. Imagine two gorgeous dominatrix girls demanding feet worship! Not every guy will be able to handle this kind of situation, and I bet you would pay with a finger to be that guy. Licking dirty feet, sweaty and smelly soles, that is the objective of this game, are you up to this kind of excitement? I don’t think so! Maybe I’m wrong!


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