Homewrecker Foot Domination

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Added: 05/09/2016
11 Min
$ 8.99 USD
Foot Fetish

Every regular normal Joe is cheating his wife. But because the normal things tend to be boring as hell, the best way is to have some extra fun, and for that you have to be creative and try the foot fetish! Get a new lover, especially if she can be bossy! Be commanded and humiliated and all the stress will leave your body. Just try something new like, licking all the dirty from her sweaty feet and be allowed to be humiliated accordingly. Concentrate your efforts kissing and licking her smelly foot and you might be rewarded with something special, you will never know! We must admit it, a sexy foot is certainly enough to put one guy’s cock rock hard, the only requirement is that you have to worship your lover’s feet. If you do it right she might trample you with full brutality for your own sexual pleasure!




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