Hotwife Fantasies: Cuckold POV

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Added: 11/11/2016
20 Min
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Because sometimes having a hot wife is not enough, there is the need for adding some more excitement to the relationship, and when this happen, the best choice is to get into the cuckold lifestyle. This hot wife loves to be fucked by a real man, while her own husband is just an average fucker, she needs to spice up things with other guys. Her husband agrees with that, actually, he was the one o came up with the idea of the first place! This time they are trying to innovate and decided to capture everything in POV (Point Of View), I mean, it is the Cuckold loser who is wearing the camera! So we are her talking about virtual cuckold! The cuckoldress is a slutty chick who loves to be pounded by totally strange guys, especially when it is her husband who picks up the guy. This one is his bowling partner who loves to throw the balls! But today we are talking about another kind of balls, the ones who defines an average loser than a real bull who can properly handle a woman in the need of sex. The action takes place in the couple’s bedroom, how romantic don’t you think? The cuckold is laying down in the couple’s bedroom while recording all the action in POV, his slutty wife has her pussy already on fire and the other guy, who is a little shy is becoming more relaxed. She undresses her hooker’s clothes, leaving on only her sexy lingerie and starts to tease her new toyboy and at the same time is telling her husband to watch and learn how to act like a real man, which he actually does. Looks like they are recording a tutorial on the best practices on how to sexually please your wife! She goes down there and starts to suck the other’s guy hard cock. With this, the cuck husband starts to get his dick hard and jerks it off, OMFG with a bombshell like that and this loser only can jerk off when another guy is fucking her. After that big cock is sucked by her gorgeous mouth, she asks him to fuck her pussy with all that he got, which he eventually does. She bends over and gets her wet pussy fucked from behind, and while this happens she keeps humiliating her cuck husband. He happily keeps watching it and almost act like a porn director, giving some tips on what they should do next, all thing that personally she is not able to take care. In the end, this slutty wife gets her bull’s hard cock deep inside her ass. Anal sex is a hell of an experience to her and poor girl can’t get it often since her husband is not able to do it properly. In the end, she gets her back door filled with hot cum, and to add more humiliation to her husband, she demands him to clean all the mess. Poor guy!


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