Lesbian Fantasies: Happy Ending Massage

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Added: 11/07/2016
16 Min
Lesbian, Massage


It is always good to see fun with people from different generations, all in harmony and stuff and things. Kinky people are always ready for action, always looking for new experiences and learning new things. Older people have the knowledge and the power on their side. If we mix this then we will have something interesting, especially when it comes to sex matters. Lesbian sex in this case. Our action has nothing to do with sex, at least directly, since this is a massage. Our hot blonde is a much-respected masseuse who is very professional. This was another massage session like many others, but things are about to take a different path. The client is a very attractive brunette MILF who is in the need for relaxation. It is massage time now and the really hot MILF client is now laying and waiting to be massaged by those experienced and highly qualified hands, they never met before but they felt some chemistry by each other right there in the first moments. Our distinguish and well-prepared masseuse started by pouring some nice oil all over the MILF’s back and worked out her hands all over that magnificent middle-aged woman body. At some point, the slutty MILF, who was from the beginning hunting down a good evening of sex, asked the masseuse if she didn’t mind if she took off her panties. The excuse was that she couldn’t feel comfortable and relaxed with any piece of cloth on. The sexy masseuse said that it was nice for her to do it. With all that hot body lying there, things started to go out of control pretty fast. If you didn’t spot it yet, we are now talking about an erotic massage and not a “normal” massage, and as you might know, these massages sometimes end up with a lot of heat and pleasure. The focus of the masseuse went to the MILF’s well balanced natural breasts. Using her hands like a real guru, our masseuse starts to play with those incredible erected nipples and in no time that slutty MILF is slightly opening her legs asking for a massage down there. Enough to be said that her real intentions were to be touched and escalate things to sex, all from the first minute, can you imagine that? For the first moments the masseuse was kind of shy and cautious about it, but at the same time she was feeling very attracted to that gorgeous mature woman, rapidly a massage became an erotic massage and even on the fastest way it became lesbian sex.



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