My Girlfriends Feet: Nikki Brooks Amazing Soles

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Nikki Brooks has a massive feet fetish, but she’s topped by Miss Brat and her own interest in feet. Nikki is a gorgeous, slender blonde with long legs and amazing feet. Her feet are symmetrical, perfectly shaped with cute and clean toes and milky white soles. Miss Brat can’t get enough of her feet and she’ll do everything in her power to provide Nikki with the ultimate foot worshipping experience!

Miss Brat will start with a little bit of massaging. She loves to keep things sensual and soft at the beginning. Brat’s magic fingers are relaxing her girlfriend Nikki who is almost enchanted with Miss Brat’s dazzling touch. It’s like every time Miss Brat touched her feet, jolts of electricity are sent up her spine! Nikki moans and enjoys the massage, but Miss Brat won’t stop there. She’ll quickly start sucking Nikki’s toes, one by one. These perfect toes are what Miss Brat adores; she will kiss and lick them one by one, stimulate every nerve ending Nikki has down there until Nikki is about to explode! She will lick them clean and then she’ll use her tongue to clean the crevice between each toe. These are perfect toes we’re talking about here. They’re amazingly manicured; each has great shape and size. Miss Brat is in her own personal heaven while licking and kissing Nikki’s toes. When Miss Brat gets a bit tired, she uses her own spit to lubricate Nikki’s feet and continue with the massage which, by now, has turned into an all-out foot worshipping session!

Once Miss Brat is done with the toes, it’s all about the soles. She will lick them, kiss them and cuddle them until Nikki is ready to explode with passion. She will massage Nikki’s soles and touch them in ways they’ve never been touched. Her long, delicate fingers are finding ways to stimulate Nikki’s toes and soles like never before. Nikki is enjoying every moment of Miss Brat’s sensual and sexual foot massage. She’s almost ready to burst and Miss Brat won’t stop until they’re both satisfied!

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