My New Transsexual Girlfriend

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Today it is a great day because hot transsexual Kimberly is going to be in sexual action. She is always horny and just like our friend Miss Brat is as well, with her mood set to get this kind of action. Thing got very hot and both started to kiss each other. Both are on fire, and from now on no one will be able to stop, because only who has broken has the ability to stop, except that in this case, no one has any kind of breaks. So things can only go wilder and wilder. Fetish is the main word here and soon it is time for some foot fetish. Kimberly will have her feet licked and worshiped by Brat. She will start by liking all the smelly and sweaty feet from one tip to another, giving some bites and sucking her toes. Soon Kimberly will need more excitement and will have her ass worshiped by Miss Brat. Her sweet ass hole is licked by Brat’s tongue giving her tons of pleasure as expected. Both girls are having a lot of fun and as you might expect, there are some nice orgasms on the way to this story. 


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