Pantyhose Dirty Farts

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Added: 05/23/2016
10 Min
Ass Fetish, Farting, Pantyhose

Super Dirty Farts. Despite the great sexy body, a girl doing nothing at all or just doing the regular porn moves is boring nowadays. I like better when I can watch funny girls doing dumb things, like farting! Ok I will stop joking around. A girl using pantyhose is enough for most of the guys, but it is always better if there is some added value, and in this case, wearing a pantyhose and farting is something original, at least! All the sexiness of that piece of cloth, the farting sound and, perhaps the smelly atmosphere, are the finest ingredients for a nice adult entertainment, full of fun and eroticism. Farting girls is one of my favorite fetishes and I believe you will love it too! Many love girls farting, most of them can’t admit it because it is not social accepted.


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