Taste My Pussy Juice POV

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Added: 03/25/2022
11 Min
Femdom, Pantyhose, POV

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[This is a Custom Clip]
You get on the phone and tell me I need to make a special trip to see you or you’re going to contact my wife and tell her about me following you rubbing my cock and then paying to go home with you. You also remind me that I’m the one that started this obsession and now it will continue until YOU say I’m free again.

I get to your house a couple days later and you tell me to wait till you get home.
You’ve been out shopping and running around doing errands all day. It’s been really warm out and you’re glad to be back home to relax. You wore pantyhose at my request and you made sure plenty of pussy and asshole cream would be on them. You knew I was going to smell and lick the crotch and feet to experience your scent, you thought about getting them even more dirty with your body fluids when you got home knowing I was waiting for you nervously. When you arrive home you tell me to wait some more. After a while, you call me to get my perverted ass in the house.

You take me upstairs, tell me to strip and get on my knees while you undress and proceed to tease the fuck out of me with your perfect sweaty body. At the end of my mandatory visit, you tell me to take the pantyhose with all your juices.

You also tell me that sometime in the future you’ll let me slide my tongue into your juicy asshole and lick the cum out of you but only if I’m obedient. Then you tell me you’ll explain YOUR definition of obedient at a later date…… And now that you have my name and address I don’t have much of a choice….. You tell me it might involve letting your gay friends cum in my mouth and deep in my ass. You will decide that later…

It would be great if you make it as long as the first vid. And of course I want the sweaty cream and who knows what else, filled pantyhose !!

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