Kinky Prostate Milking Session

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Added: 01/20/2017
15 Min
Femdom, Prostate massage

BDSM techniques are an entire world and today we are going to talk about one of the favorites of Miss Brat. Prepare yourself to a BDSM prostate milking session! Not really you, the sub will get it. Brat is wearing a nice black latex glove that will be used to perform the stimulation on her sub’s meat. He is on a bench and Miss Brat will begin her BDSM session by using to different prostate massage techniques, milking his prostate of course. Her glove is ready to be used and the first step is to use her fingers to do it. The useless sub will receive a lot of pleasure through his back orifice, those fingers are wise and Miss Brat is an authority when it comes to prostate stimulation! Now he will experience some plugs, butt plugs are always the best choice to make the stimulation more efficient. He will suffer now some cock tease, poor guy he will not be able to cum when he wants, Miss Brat is in charge here and what she decides is law. Looks like this sub likes things up his ass, so Miss Brat uses a Hitachi to make him cum, finally!


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