Sissy Cuckold Boyfriend Training

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Added: 11/25/2016
10 Min
Cuckold, Femdom, Sissy Traning


How to train your Sissy, this could be the title of a book or a movie, but this is a real life experience lived by this couple. The wife is an insatiable woman who is always ready to be fucked and take a generous load of hot cum. The guy, well, he is just a Sissy who can’t do his homework, or by other words, he can’t sexually satisfy his slutty wife. But not everything is lost, he is weak and useless when it comes to his cock and abilities to have sex, but a least he can recognize his failure and to compensate that he was the one who got the idea to bring another cock to the story. Originally, and although she was sexually insatiable, she was not a cheater and never had any other guy. She satisfied her sex needs using her hands and sex toys! But in the end she was never fully satisfied. Her husband understood that she would be a happier woman if she was properly fucked, so the embraced the cuckold lifestyle. From time to time he seeks for a new bull o fuck his wife’s holes, totally strangers that he contact online. Today is another great day, a new toyboy is arriving and things are about to get hot.


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