Sissy Tasks: Worn Panties

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Added: 02/08/2016
7 Min
Panty Fetish, Sissy Traning


The used panties fetish is very attractive but sometimes it can get more edgy than the usual. Smelling some used panties has nothing that can be compared to this femdom task. Turn into a feminized man or sissy and do whatever your femdom mistress demands and only this way everything will be ok, or maybe not, who really knows? Your mistress dictates the rules! Turn into a sissy who will be happy to smell your own used panties and do all things right just to please your mistress. Just wear that nice and sexy pink dress and some high heels so you look like a real girl and obey blindly, only this way your mistress will be happy. The best part of this story is that both feel pleasure, the mistress with her power position and the sissy with his feminized version that gives him all joy in the world.


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