Sitting on Sissy’s Face

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Added: 01/25/2016
7 Min
Femdom, Sissy Traning


Female domination can be pretty neat. Some think it is strange, some love it, and some live it in first person, in real life! The femdom action is not complete without a sissy begging to be mistreated and humiliated. Imagine a sissy boy willing to do all things he would be told, especially face sitting. Not in a way of a guy licking one girl’s pussy to simply give her oral pleasure, instead of it, this is just pure humiliating. Because a sissy is at the same time a slave he is meant to do every nasty thing she demands without questioning it, ever!
The best thing is that there are plenty of sissy boys willing to be slaves and do whatever their girls want. With that said, it is easy to understand why there are lots of femdom content nowadays featuring sissy boys and face sitting. They just can’t wait to be told how small their cock and how feminine they look are. That is simple as math, sissy boy lick her feet and get ready to the face sitting that will make his mistress happy, despite she is saying he is less than mediocre. This is the perfect femdom scene featuring a real sissy and face sitting.



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