Spanked by their Catholic Professor

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Added: 12/26/2016
10 Min
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Slutty Brats spanked by a strict Catholic teacher. Professor Brat is well known for her hard temper and her teaching methods. Well, not really the teaching methods, it is more appropriate to say the punishing methods. Today she caught her students kissing some guys at the school parking lot, as you might imagine, this is a good reason for be punished. Her punishment is usually by bare hand spanking and a couple of other objects. Those pretty asses will be red in no time. Her hand will start doing the job, just the sound of each slap will recall how painful it must be. Painful and at the same time pleasant, since pain and please are like twins. Now that those badly behaved butts are becoming red, it is time for more spanking, but now with a holy bible, this is the only way punishment for their sins. God know how it must be painful, or not!. This is the time for the next and last step: a wooden hairbrush! Those pretty round asses are all red and the pain becomes impossible. Miss Brat is the ultimate punisher and her skills are becoming better and better. Behave yourself!.


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