My Girlfriends Feet: Logan

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Added: 11/14/2016
12 Min
Foot Fetish


Erotic Lesbian Feet Worship experience. This time I am going to talk to you about two nice girls who are about to turn your day into a really nice day. Logan is a nice girl and Miss Brat is another one, end of story! Not so fast, these two are not your usual good girls who are always in good mood and go to church every Sunday. We here talking about two heavyweights when it comes to the foot fetish. I believe that you love a nice scene with lesbians and perhaps a nice fetish, like the foot fetish, if I am not wrong, then you are already happy for being reading this so far. Miss Brat doesn’t need any introduction, every fetish lover will recognize her name because Miss Brat is a well known Mistress who loves to dominate and humiliate her victims / slaves / subs / whatever! Yes, whatever walks on two legs, she will probably use her domination skills. At first, looks like you are about to watch some usual lesbian porn video, well this is not going to happen today because this is much more than that! Logan is this hot brunette who is good at foot worshiping, especially when doing it to another girl, just like in this case. Logan is completely ready to accept any demanding words from her Mistress. Miss Brat starts by asking, well not really asking, demanding would be the more appropriated word, to have her feet worshiped by all possible meanings.


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