Prostate Massage Therapy

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Added: 05/13/2016
12 Min
Prostate massage

Femdom prostate massage is one of those sexual experiences one will never forget. Your mistress will demand some stuff, but essentially she will stick her experienced fingers or something up your ass so she can massage your prostate, and no, this doesn’t mean necessarily that you are gay. It is just a way to achieve a mean and that is always the maximum pleasure possible. Your prostrate is a powerful place when it comes to sex, obviously. To make it even more hot, the mistress can do something else, if the slave behaves well enough and if she decide to do it so, she can do some milking on your hard cock, ending up bringing your hot cum out of you balls! With your prostate massaged and stimulated your dick will burst extra loads of cum. It is fair enough to say that you will be in good hands, literally!


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