Small Penish Humiliation POV

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Added: 12/19/2016
10 Min
$ 10.99 USD


Femdom Small Penis Humiliation POV Experience.Ginary and Miss Brat are two hot Femdoms who will be in action very soon. They are both very good doing humiliation and that is what will happen now. A guy with a very small penis will be their next target. Poor guy, this POV action is covering an episode of humiliation at the highest level possible. Miss Brat is the most experienced Femdom here, but Ginary is also doing it very well and is actually learning a lot with the first. The guy is looking for femdom action and that is precisely what he will get. His small penis is meaningless and will be the root of all the humiliation seen here. This is almost bullying if you asked me because this poor guy will be subjected to such strong psychological torture that would leave any normal person ready to be looking for professional help. But this is not that kind of situation because he was the one who asked for this. He feels excited by being humiliated and to be treated like a piece of trash. In the end, he will be more relieved than if he was paying a shrink to listen to his problems. Well done girls!



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