Toned Legs and Nylons Obsession

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Added: 11/09/2018
9 Min
$ 10.99 USD
Femdom, Pantyhose



Pantyhose sessions are great, but what happens when you pair them up with face-sitting? You get Ashlynn Taylor! Ashlynn is a gorgeous young brunette who loves to dominate weaker men. She has her favorite pink pantyhose and she’s ready to completely seduce and destroy her slave. She’s starting with some light teasing but soon she’s progressing towards full facesitting action! Her sub is completely lost and overpowered thanks to that gorgeous ass of hers. He’s ready to take any kind of order or punishment just to feel her gorgeous ass in those light pink pantyhose. She’s putting some real pressure on his head while his cock is getting harder every second. The mere scent of her crotch and those hot panties are enough to make him weak and submissive!

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